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Jax Wax Foam Pad Polish

Jax Wax Foam Pad Polish


As the Last Buffing Step – Achieves a Dazzling Gloss and Removes Buffer Swirl Marks and Imperfections

  • Final Finishing Polish – Non-Oily
  • Removes 3000 Grit Sanding Scratches
  • For Use with High Speed Rotary Buffer
  • Buffs Without Gumming or Clogging Pads- Not Dusty
  • Contains No Wax or Silicone
  • Body Shop Safe
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When used as the last buffing step, Jax Wax Foam Pad Polish not only creates a Dazzling Gloss, but also removes Buffer Swirl Marks and Surface Imperfections.

Jax Wax Foam Pad Polish removes 3000 grit sand scratches and similar substrate imperfections.  Jax Wax Foam Pad Polish buffs without gumming or clogging pads.  Jax Wax Foam Pad Polish also will remove slight oxidation from your finish.  Jax Wax Foam Pad Polish leaves a non-oily mirror finish and is Dust Free.

Jax Wax Foam Pad Polish contains no silicone or wax and is Body Shop Safe.

After buffing your finish, use a high quality wax to protect and preserve your finish!

Additional information


1. Shake well before using and occasionally during application.

2. Apply a small amount to an area approximately 2' X 2'.

3. Buff slwoly, begining with firm, even pressure.

4. Gradually use less and less pressure as high gloss appears.

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