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Professional Grade Clay Bar


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Using a Clay Bar is one of the Most Simple, Beneficial and Dramatic Detailing Processes You Can Do to Improve Your Finish

  • Pulls Contamination From Your Finish Without Aggressive Polishing or Buffing
  • Creates an Ultra-Smooth Finish
  • So Simple to Do a 6 Year Old Could Do It
  • Professional Grade Clay has Superior Elasticity
  • Easily Reshaped and Flexible for Workability
  • Includes Case for Proper Storage
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Product Description

Using a Clay Bar is one of the Most Simple, Dramatic Detail Processes to be developed in Years. “Claying” your finish is one of the most beneficial things you can do to improve your vehicle’s finish whether it is a show car or a daily driver.  It is one of the first steps in achieving a Mirror-Like Finish.

Try this Test:If you think you have a clean surface, take a piece of plastic or a baggie and place it over fingers and rub it across your finish.  Even on the majority or pure “Show Cars” you will more than likely feel ”bumps” that you couldn’t otherwise with your bare fingers.  All the plastic baggie did placed over your fingers was increase your sensitivity of touch.  These are contaminants that are embedded in your finish.  Don’t be alarmed, a lot of them are from pollutants that are present every day in the environment.

Then use a Clay Bar on your finish.  Try the test again and it will feel ‘Silky Smooth” and will look 100 times better.  Now when you apply wax over the finish, it will look a lot more richer, vibrant and deep.  In addition, the wax will help prevent contamination from settling back in the finish.

Other than removing contamination you can’t see but feel, clay also will easily remove:

  • Paint Overspray
  • Road Tar
  • Tree Sap and Mist
  • Airborne Contaminants
  • Bug Residue
  • Rail Dust
  • Bird Droppings
  • and a Lot More!
Clay will “pull” contamination from the paint without being as aggressive as using a buffer with polish or compounds.  It is so simple to do a 5 Year Old can do it!There are different grades and quality of Clay, just like anything else.  On the retail shelves you will see many colors and slick packaging of Clay Bars all with varying quality and effectiveness.  For “commercial quality” clay there are primarily 2 colors, Gray and Purple.

The Gray Clay Bar is called a “Light Cut” and the Purple Clay Bar is called a “Heavy Cut”.  For normal “claying” a Gray Clay Bar is all you need.

Additional Information


1. Liberally Lubricate a 2 foot by 2 foot area – we recommend Jax Wax Body Shine Spray Wax
Don't be concerned making a mess – it will wipe up just fine!

2. Tear off a small piece of the clay bar.
The reason that you want to use just a piece of it is because if it hits the ground it will pick up contaminants such as dirt that could scratch your finish. This way you don't waste your whole clay bar if that happens by accident.

3. Applying Minimal Pressure Rub the Clay Bar over the Work Area
Let the clay do the work. You will feel the contaminants being picked up through your fingers. You will tell by feel and sight when the surface is clean. Keep turning over the piece of clay, continuing to fold the clay into itself to get to a fresh piece. Once the piece of clay becomes dirty after folding, throw it away and grab another chunk.

4. Remove the Excess Lubricant with a Clean Dry Microfiber Towel

5. After You are done, Protect the Cleaned Area with a coat of Wax

6. Enjoy the Results!


Be patient, especially with over spray – the clay will pull it off the finish – take your time.

Don't treat it like you would sandpaper – it is our natural tendency to use clay with pressure – don't do it – let the clay lift the contaminants from the surface – don't apply pressure.

Do a little section at at time. Don't make it a "project". Break it down into small sections, keeping it fun! For example, do the hood one day, front fenders the next, etc. Do it when you feel like spending some time working with your car – it doesn't need to be done all at once!


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